How to improve employee morale with smart benefits

by Duncan

Keeping your employees motivated is one of the most important things for a business leader, because if happy employees are productive employees. If their spirits are down, sub-par work can appear. Here are some tips on how you can improve employee morale:

1. Acknowledge your employees’ special days.
Recognizing and celebrating your employees’ birthdays even with just a simple cake will improve morale and help the team bond. By remembering these important dates, among many others, you can make your employees feel important. And if they feel happy and important, their morale and work performance will be boosted.

2. Be an approachable boss.
Many workers who suffer from low morale find their bosses intimidating and scary. Your employees need to approach you every so often, and the best way to lift their spirits is to be a sociable, approachable boss. If you have a welcoming personality, your staff members won’t feel shy to approach you to share their ideas or problems in the workspace.

3. Hear them out.
Conversation is a two-way street. Yes, you might have the perfect business strategy, but it won’t hurt to listen to what your employees and subordinates have to say. By considering their opinions, you can make them feel that their thoughts count. While you might have a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard, they might just have the ideas that can do the trick, employee ideas can be magical.

4. Recognize your employees’ achievements.
To boost your employees’ morale, you need to acknowledge their accomplishments. For example, if John exceeds the sales target for the month of August, you can put his name up on the board under the title “Employee of the Month.” While giving financial or tangible rewards are an option, a simple pat on the back and a congratulatory handshake are great ways to show that you are grateful for your employees’ hard work and perseverance.

5. Provide employees with an environment conducive to effective work
You might have followed all the aforementioned tips for improving employee morale, but if you leave your workers to toil in a poorly-lit, horrendously-designed or cramped work space, morale is going to suffer. Welcome interior design, excellent lighting, and adequate space are key to improving employee productivity .

Running a company is not a walk in the park, and you can expect it to be harder if your employees are not happy with your methods of human capital management. By following these tips on how to improve employee morale, you can keep your workforce happy.

Author Bio:
Gary Trainor is the CEO of Infinisource, a workforce management company with headquarters in Coldwater, MI and Charlotte, NC. Mr. Trainor has more than three decades of HCM industry and management experience that includes almost 20 years at ADP as Division President.

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