Fun Office Activities To Boost Morale

by Guest Poster

Numerous studies have proven that happy staff are more productive and perform better in the workplace than staff who are not happy with their jobs. Salary increases may not always be an option, but there are other ways to boost the morale in the office. Many staff would benefit from some fun office activities to boost morale.

Ice Cream Parties 

An ice cream social can be a fun way to bring staff members together. If the office does not have a budget for activities, then each employee can choose to bring his or her favorite topping. Staff can then enjoy their treats during an afternoon break. Many companies, such as Target, routinely have employee socials where employees are able to enjoy desserts or other snacks together. If employees are not able to bring toppings, then floats made with soft drinks and ice cream is an option that is even easier. 

Staff Cooking Competitions

Another idea of fun office activities to boost morale is to have a bake-off or a cooking competition. Each employee can bring their dish to compete, and everyone can enjoy sampling the contest entries. There are several ways that a cooking competition can be held. Different foods can be brought in at various times of the year, depending on the temperature. For example, a chili cook-off may be best during cold weather. Cooking contests are popular with retail businesses, such as Kohl’s, during the holiday season because employees look forward to having extra food at work. Here are a few other ideas for competition categories: 

  • Favorite soups
  • Favorite deserts
  • Favorite appetizers

Office Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt throughout the office can also be fun. With a little bit of creativity, clues can be put together and given to employees to help guide them to a small prize. Scavenger hunts could be done on an individual basis, or employees could be placed on teams. This can be a popular idea with restaurants and other business. McAlister’s Deli has used this to help motivate employees to finish tasks at the end of their shift.  

Conclusion: Fun, boosting morale activities, for staff in the office  do not have to be expensive. The options that have been mentioned can help employees feel happier about coming to work even though they are inexpensive. Employees who feel engaged in their work can accomplish more and will be able to generate a more positive atmosphere.

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