Idea Management System or Suggestion Box System - how should we 'position' Vetter?

by Duncan

We're struggling a little to decide how we should 'position', if you forgive the marketing speak, our product - Vetter. There are some major Pros and Cons to the 2 options - any views would be very welcome at @getvetter

Referring to it as an Idea Management System - Pros

  • Its a more accurate description of the system. Vetter 'manages' the idea process, by taking in submissions, serving them up for peer voting, and then sending on the vetted/winning ideas to the managers

  • It sounds more modern

Referring to it as an Idea Management System - Cons
  • It will be very difficult to rank well (near Page 1 in Google's search results) for terms like "Idea Management", "Idea Management System", "Enterprise Idea Management" etc. The will not be easy.
  • Also, as you might expect, the cost of advertising, even for a less common term like "Idea Processing System", costs $20-30 CPC. That basically means that every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you have to pay $20-30! That's why Google is rich!
  • Not everyone knows what the heck Idea Management is. Thus, SEO will be tough.

Referring to it as an online Suggestion Box System - Pros
  • Almost everybody knows what a Suggestion Box is and thus, what suggestion box software is, although there is some negativity attached to it. Suggestion Boxes are sometimes seen as 'Black Holes' that suggestions/ideas disappear into.
  • Easier to get high up the Google search results, especially for terms like cloud suggestion box
Referring to it as a Suggestion Box System - Cons
  • It misleads people slightly as Vetter is more than just a suggestion box.
  • I can't imagine Fortune 500 companies like P&G or 3M would get excited about a smelly old Suggestion Box, even if it was online!

I guess we'll figure it out, and after all acting with incomplete information is part of life in a startup.

"We wanted an online suggestion box that's easy to run and Vetter fits the bill"

Heather Saunders; ECITB Product Dev. Platform Manager

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