Energy efficiency ideas badly needed at British Gas

by Duncan

In a report by Britain’s Daily Mirror, British Gas has been accused of wasteful energy usage, a major embarrassment to the company as you can imagine. There’s also quite an amusing quote from an energy campaigner for Friends of the Earth – Paul Steedman “With soaring profits and bumper pay-outs for shareholders, British Gas obviously has money to burn on wasting energy”.

I might send a cheeky email to the Managing Director Phil Bentley suggesting that Vetter could help him solve his efficiency woes and send him on some of the energy efficiency ideas/tips that I ironically located on his own site:

Cooking Tips - Only fill the kettle with as much water as you actually need.
Fridge and Freezer Tips - Don't put hot food in a fridge or a freezer.
Laundry Tips - Always use a full load in a washing machine.
Heating and Water Tips - Turn your heating down by 1°C.
Electrical Item Tips - Turn off the lights you don't need or not using.

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