Nike's innovative soccer shoe design

by Duncan

Nike have unveiled a new product - the Nike CR Mercurial Vapor Superfly III, which apart from having a noteworthy (bad) name, has something else that's quite unusual and innovative about it.

Nike have designed the shoe with a type of camouflage on it, designed to trick opposing players into thinking Christiano Ronaldo (who will wear the shoe) is going to turn a different way.

In an interview with Nike designer Andrew Caine said "If you are a defender looking at Cristiano, you are going to visually see which way his body is going to move to combat him. So the idea of having a play on the visual makes it a little bit more difficult to understand and read the body's moves to see where he will go. Visual deception is the play on this one."

Will this idea drive Ronaldo past Lionel Messi to the top of World Football? He's rated No. 2 now.

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