Okaloosa County Jail employee's idea saves more than $644,000

by Duncan

Richy McDaniel's idea to retrofit, rather than replace pneumatic doors inside Okaloosa County Jail (Florida) is set to save the county more than $644,000.

Before getting the idea, McDaniel had heard that all the doors in the jail were going to be replaced, at massive cost, but:

“The problem is, these doors, the parts on them were becoming obsolete so we couldn’t get them,” he said. “It cost so much. I looked at it and thought there had to be a better way.”

The Jail employee then went to work, studying the door's design, and working with the Texas based company Southern Folger to come up with a solution. The solution the came up with was to replace the door's air cylinder's with newer, more available versions, making a retofit more possible.

McDaniel was awarded $1000 for submitting the idea.


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