Suggestion Box Ideas have saved and earned big $$s at a wide range of companies. Here's a collection of the 'Greatest Hits', the suggestions and ideas that brought about major bottom line improvements.

Deutsche Post saves millions of Euro by buying oil in Bulk

A staff member in one of Deutsche Post's regional Distribution Centers noticed that the company was overpaying for engine oil for its trucks. The staff member observed that drivers were purchasing oil at roadside gas stations, paying around $8.50 a liter. After a little research, the employee then suggested that Deutsche Post buy oil in bulk, where they'd get it for around 25% of the price. As it has thousands of trucks, the suggestion box idea saved millions for Deutsche Post after implementation.


British Airways saves £600,000 in fuel costs from just one suggestion

BA's suggestion box received an idea in late 2011 to 'Descale the toilet pipes on planes'. The procedure would lighten the weight of the planes overall, and with the volume of flights the effect was a significant £600,000 in saving.


British Airways (again!) saved an estimated $625,000

by switching from glass miniature liquor bottles to plastic miniature liquor bottles back in 1984. This equates to over $1.3 mn in today's money.


Siemens saves over £60,000 by using stainless steel

A suggestion from Siemens’ employee Emma Akerman to make a component out of galvanized steel rather than stainless steel was adopted and lead to savings of over £60,000 a year at one of the German giant's UK factories.


Why haul wine bottles across the world? Air Canada saves $240,000 a year

In yet another great suggestion box idea from the airline industry, an Air Canada employee noticed that its planes were hauling empty wine bottles (emptied on the flight over) on the return journeys unnecessarily. "Why not dispose of the bottles at the foreign destinations?" was the suggestion and it brought savings of almost a quarter of a million per year.


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