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Time and time again Steven and I (Vetter's co-founders) remind ourselves that we must not work on Vetter in isolation. We must not let ourselves get disconnected from the opinions and thinking of managers and leaders both within our user base and in the broader world. There are a number of websites that we monitor to keep abreast of the latest leadership and management thinking and we thought our readers might want us to share our to-10, listed below in no particular order:

1. Manager-Tools
I've been a subscriber to Manager Tool's podcast for about 3 years now. The MT crew's core trinity of One-on-Ones, Feedback and Coaching are their trademark, this page is a good place to dive in:

2. Great Leadership by Dan
Great Leadership by Dan features a regular stream of high-quality articles on such topics as 'How to 'Act' like a Leader, Succession planning, performance management. Blog posts are often written by guest bloggers.

3. Management Craft
Management Craft tags itself as 'Discussions about state of the art business management.' and we couldn't put it better! I discovered this site via a link from another site to the classic post "Birthday Butterfly Flap Post".

4. Marshall Goldsmith
Specifically, this page on Marshall's site contains 11 excellent leadership articles including 'Try Feedforward Instead of Feedback' which greatly effected much of my thinking about feedback.

5. Forbes (Leadership sub-section)
Forbes's sub-site is definitely not the most focused on this list but because of its famous brand name, it benefits from New York Times best-selling guest writers of the highest quality, such as Christine Comaford.

6. The Practice of Leadership blog
Posts can be a often infrequent on The Practice of Leadership blog, but when they arrive, they are usually pretty beefy and in-depth. The recommended reading section section is intimidating - how does anyone get time to read all those books, much less review them all?! .

7. Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog
John Hunter's blog is not a direct leadership blog but covers leadership via his posts on lean manufacturin/thinking, six sigma, customer focus, systems thinking, Toyota Production System and innovation.

8. Linked 2 Leadership
In its own words - "Linked 2 Leadership is a group of global professionals dedicated to leadership development, organizational health, and personal & professional growth". In our own words - a solid site with a pretty dedicated fanbase. The site has a pretty extensive roster of guest bloggers spanning industries as different as Education and Tech.

9. Three Star Leadership
Wally Bock's Tips of the Day are the highlight of this site, recent tips include: 'Keep a list of mini-projects' and 'Time off should be time off'.

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