13 quality Employee Engagement Blogs (ranked and reviewed)

by Duncan

There’s a lot of information out there on the internet. Employee Engagement is no different although there does seem to be an awful lot of garbage written about it and ‘token’ pieces that have been rewritten and rewritten over and over. The type of stuff you see in those posts from About.com that usually features near the top of the results in Google.

The list below is garbage free. I (Duncan the founder of Vetter) myself wanted to gather a bunch of websites that will help me build up my knowledge of Employee Engagement and where it fits into Human Resources, Management and Business as a whole. I’ll stop yammering on now and get into the list...

Ps. I’m going to tweak this list as time goes by, so if you hear of a good new blog, please email me Duncan at getvetter.com

1) David Zinger - Employee Engagement
Background: Employee engagement expert/author who founded http://employeeengagement.ning.com/
David beats everyone on experience in the sector, quality of his (often short) posts and clear focus of his blog on Employee Engagement. We give some bonus points to David for running the Employee Engagement Network. This man is the Michael Jordan of Employee Engagement.
Some blog posts of note: Employee Engagement: 13 Employee Engagement Heartbreaks and Who said employee engagement and recognition are garbage?. David also writes over at the TalentSpace blog.

2) Employee Engagement.com’s blog
You’d expect the blog of EmployeeEngagment.com to be good wouldn’t you? Well, this doesn’t disappoint. Bob Kelleher seems to know what he’s talking about. The blog seems to be a mix of self-promotional stuff (forgivable) and inventive, original pieces such as Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave..Boston Sports News & Employee Engagement which looks how a disengaged professional sportstar can want to leave, while anecdotal, upbeat pieces such as Sometimes You Need to See Employee Engagement to “Get It” can recharge your enthusiasm for EE if it’s flagging.

3) SilkRoad’s Blog
Even though the link above is just to a category within HR Software giant SilkRoad’s blog, it still contains plenty of content: 2-3 posts on EE each month, that’s more than most can compete with. The volume of posts, plus the range of posts (here’s an excellent guest post, from the always excellent Sharlyn Lauby HRBartender for example) leads me to include this one on the list. I’m not normally a fan of big company blogs, they normally are full of boring drivel, but this one is quality.

4) HR Virtual Café
‘Sassy Southerner’ Susan Avello writes on Human Capitol, Social Media, Technology (but covering Employee Engagement from various angles)
If you like an opinionated blogger that thinks about things a bit differently, then this blog is for you. Here’s a typical quote, take from Are YOU the bad apple that spoils the whole bunch? "Instead of finding the bliss that was sold to him in the hiring process he instead yells a loud “HOLY S$#%! What have I gotten myself into?" I’m cheating a bit as this is very broad, Human Resources-focused blog, but there’s plenty of opinionated original stuff there on Employee Engagement.

5) The HR intelligence blog
Written by iNostix CEO/ Co-founder Luk Smeyers and Chief Scientist/Co-Founder Jeroen Delmotte, this well researched blog discusses many areas that cross-over into Engagement at Work, with a heavy reliance on data and scientific research. Their post on Predictive Employee Turnover Analysis for example could help you identify problem turnover departments, which you could be tackled by ramping up engagement initiatives’ in these departments.

6) Employee Success Blog
Written by Tatiana Beale (mostly) of Achievers Inc, this blog features a lot of videos and examples from the field. The examples are usually self-serving and promote Achievers.com but I guess that’s acceptable as they are informative. Examples: Ceridian achieves fast growth with highly engaged employees.

7) HRN Blog
The 'Engagement' category on the HRN blog is a well organize resource of quality articles. It features short punchy articles, with http://www.hrnblog.com/2012/03/08/3031/ being a great example of the post you'll find there.

8) WooBoard blog
Australia’s WooBoard have been writing about Employee Recognition, Appreciation and Engagement for the last few years, creating a strong body of work. Posts are often short but still contain some actionable stuff, here’s an example.

9) Pam Ross’s blog
Pam Ross, a speaker and trainer in the HR space, writes on a diverse range of subjects including Employee Engagement (obviously), leadership, workplace culture, hr. She’s written 25+ posts on Employee Engagement and you can find them all here. This post and this one are goodies.

10) Mumblr
“Mumbling on HR, Talent Management, Employee Engagement and The Ideal Enterprise"by HR/Management Consultant Abhishek Mittal. Abhishek writes thoughtful, meaty pieces that cover many areas of HR and EE. Stellar examples are Listening to Employees Across the Employee Life-cycle and this post about motivation. Although posts are infrequent (once a month), it’s a blog worth checking out.

11) Ogletree Deakins Blog
Although this page is just a category within the broader Ogletree Deakens blog, it warrants mention due to some of the high profile experts they've managed to interview about employee engagement including authors Daniel Pink and Kevin Kruse.

12) Communitelligence
A little bit hard to find your way around, it's still worth a look due to the volume of well written articles on engagement on this blog. The 'Recent Articles' list on the right hand side has many quality links. Although the pieces don’t seem to have been written by Communitelligence, it is an effective curator of quality articles. Here’s an example: http://www.communitelligence.com/blps/article.cfm?weblog=62&page=1078

13) Work Engagement Blog
Written by Dr. Michael Leiter, co-author of Banishing Burnout and The Truth about Burnout
Despite the fact that it looks like a website from 1997, there is some valuable articles on the Work Engagement Blog and thus it sneaks onto our list in the Number 10 spot.

Honorable mention

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Written by: Duncan Murtagh

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