"Vetter customer service has been great, I really feel like they want our Continuous Improvement program to succeed, they care about that. We met our ROI in the first month…. more importantly during the height of the nation's COVID-19 first outbreak we observed a shift of ideas going to COVID-19 prevention, and you cannot put a price on this behavioral focus"
- Todd Burnett, Executive Business Excellence Leader at the Georg Fischer Central Plastics


"Vetter’s transparency is one of its greatest benefits and has encouraged and increased employee involvement. Well over 80% of the factory workforce has submitted an idea, with most ideas being in the area of safety, environmental, and quality improvement."
- Paul Burke, GM at TTL, a UK-based steel company


"When we were evaluating different options, it was obvious that Vetter was a cost-effective platform. The ROI was clear, we just had to figure out if the software did what we needed. The Vetting process will enable us to see those ideas that gain support and interest and save time working through ideas that do not get support or are not seen as more critical"
- Karen Jansen, Tiger Air's Human Resources manager


"The Vetter system is flexible enough to make it easy to use and mold to my specific needs"
- Andrew Tunstall, BASF's Human Resources manager


"Prior to Vetter, employees used an inefficient system to share ideas. Both management and employees find Vetter very useful since the software serves as a venue to ask specific questions, reward the best ideas and most importantly - let employees see whether their ideas are implemented or not"
- Shanan Aravind.


"We have been extremely happy with the professional support that Vetter have given us. I'm hoping none of our competitors in South Africa hear of Vetter as it definitely does give us a competitive edge in terms of internal feedback - being in real estate sales our staff are our greatest asset!"
- Neil Pursey, Online Marketing Manager at the Rawson Property Group, South Africa

"Vetter has given a voice to everyone at Clubjudge team on how the product can improve, with an easy to use and understand design. Highly recommended to companies of all sizes!"
- Bruno Antunes, CTO

"We have been using Vetter for some time now and have been impressed with the simple, intuitive user interface which makes it easy to submit and manage our ideas"
- Garry Woodgate.


"We started working with Vetter recently after a long search for the best solution to give our team a chance to tell the management their ideas. Everybody loved it from start and we are now implementing the first ideas!"
- Huub Sparnaay, CEO.


"...Vetter has had an impact on morale given we have implemented numerous ideas that have floated around for years but have never had ownership until Vetter!"
- Angie Bohlmann


"Vetter helps us gather ideas from our employees and track them so that we can reward the employees who have ideas we implement"
- Ann Jones, Human Resources Manager.


"With Vetter we are now able to obtain feedback from customers for our software solution. So we can get a variety of ideas for further development that allows us to implement a customer driven development"
- Veronika Marra


"Vetter has its finger on the pulse of our employee culture. It lets us know how our employees feel about their days with us, what they love about working here and what they feel will make it a better place to work. Vetter is an electronic suggestion box that our employees love engaging with and they look forward to seeing their ideas implemented."
- Cristina Pixler, Human Resources Administrator at Swagbucks/Prodege.

Vetter feedback software - daniela aps

"Vetter facilitates the process for our colleagues to share their ideas and suggestions on how to improve and increase agility in our tasks. Vetter helped us enhance engagement and collect a variety of ideas thanks to its accessibility and functionality."
- Daniela Zammit, Process Analyst, APS Bank plc.

Organizations around the world gathering and implementing Ideas, week after week....

"We wanted an online suggestion box that's easy to run and Vetter fits the bill"

Heather Saunders; ECITB Product Dev. Platform Manager

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