Top 5 busiest Human Resources forums/discussion groups

by Duncan

Thought leaders in Human Resources are like classical musicians in an orchestra. They make your life better by being in it, but you won't necessarily know their names. Now imagine you could harness the wisdom from all the HR powerhouses- what sort of professional could you be? That's why you have to network, baby!

Learn from industry experts and share insight as other HR professionals discuss the trials, difficulties and joys of their careers. Active, busy forums give you a spectacular opportunity to gain support, offer advice and further your career as you share in the community.

These 5 boards represent the Internet’s busiest forums, discussions and boards for you to get your HR networking on

Linked: HR (#1 Human Resources Group)

This group boasts 883 739 members with posts daily.

This is the best Human resources group on LinkedIn for good reason! Top HR Leaders frequent this group and contribute to interesting, thought provoking discussions on a wide variety of topics. Compelling research based discussions means There is something here for every HR professional!

Recent discussions include:
Satisfaction discussions without the gripe
Sitting Disease
importance of improving bottom-line.

This is an active HR manager forum with weekly posts. It’s more than just a discussion group- and contains hours of tools for the discerning HR professional. is a community based discussion group offers a wide selection of discussion threads spanning upcoming webinars, events and member connection communities. Online publications and forums will boost your HR knowledge and the selection of career advancement tools and pick ups to help you further your personal career.

Recent discussions include:
The 5 Reasons Why Your Wellness Program Isn’t Living Up to Your Expectations (& how to correct)
Recruitment and Retention,
HR Management

Labor Law Talk

This labor law focused platform certainly isn’t the busiest on the list but is active with semi- weekly posts but it sure offers stellar legal information for HR managers. If you are looking at a specific legal issue in your firm, this forum discussion is the ideal place to bounce ideas off other professionals.

Recent discussions include:
Smoking - On/Off of Company Property Illinois,
Indecent behavior on company's time. Texas,
Work week endings Maryland

HR Exchange

This discussion forum is part chatty lounge and part professional development. 1930 members network on a weekly basis discussing operational human resources topics. The approachable tone makes this forum a friendly corner of the internet.

Recent discussions include:
Report on employed women,
Employment advice
vetter link

Cite HR

Although there are less posts than some other forums, there is a lot of human resources industry networking going on. Partner with like-minded HR representatives and share industry insights and knowledge. Many of the members of this board are located in India and many of the laws and legalities mentioned in the comments stem from an international perspective.
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Recent discussions include:
Employee compensation benefits
Employee safety
Provident fund questions Image credit

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