Staff Suggestion Scheme Names

by Duncan

In the most successful businesses, employees are made to feel empowered to speak up and offer their suggestions to management regarding various issues. By keeping employees involved, it can go a long way in improving employee morale and motivation. Known as a staff suggestion scheme, it is a great way to make sure knowledge flows up and down the chain of command. To make a staff suggestion scheme even more interesting to employees, many companies let their workers come up with a name for the scheme. When trying to decide on staff suggestion scheme names, companies have many options.

Know Your Organization's Needs
The first step to take when deciding on staff suggestion scheme names is to know the needs of your organization. Knowing the overall culture, values and behaviors that are accepted will help lead people toward names that best fit the organization. Some names that can be chosen to reflect the organization's needs are:

  • What's Really Important
  • Braintrust
  • Knowledge is Power

By involving everyone in the name-choosing process, it can be not only informative but fun as well.

Choosing the Name
When it's time to choose the name that will be used for the staff suggestion scheme, employees are often encouraged to look at their day-to-day activities and think of ways they can be improved. Other areas employees are asked to examine include:

  • Customer reactions to products or services
  • Tasks that prove to be frustrating
  • How they cope with unexpected situations

By taking into account these and other factors, employees can often get many great ideas for potential names.

What's in a Name?
Once everyone has had a chance to think things through and discuss their ideas with one another, the moment of truth has arrived for selecting a name. As stated earlier, the best names reflect the company's values, culture and behaviors in regards to how they treat employees and customers. Some of the most popular staff suggestion scheme names include:

By involving employees and taking the challenge seriously, an organization can make the process of picking staff suggestion scheme names one that will motivate and inspire employees to do their best each and every day.

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