Staff Suggestion Scheme success
British Airways' £20 mn savings

Below, we summarize the success of BA's internally built Employee Suggestion Scheme. We did not build their system, and we can't guarantee that you'll have the same success. But, with the right encouragement, and Vetter's help, you could see similar success.

In 2011-12, British Airways faced a tough economic environment and increasing competition. Alongside that, the double effect of pressure from environmentalists to cut emissions and BA’s own ambitious emissions targets of “an improvement of fuel efficiency of 25 per cent by 2025 compared with 2005” meant the airline needed ideas and suggestions - fast. In response, British Airways launched a Staff Suggestion Scheme, hoping that the creativity of its staff could help.


Savings of £20 mn (US$31 mn) - a huge success

Right from the off, suggestions and ideas flooded into the suggestion scheme and by January 2012, overall savings resulting from the scheme totaled over £20 mn, equivalent to the fuel cost of 550 flights from London to New York.

One employee’s suggestion alone saves £600,000 a year

Thanks to just one suggestion submitted to its Staff Suggestion Scheme, British Airways is saving £600,000 a year in fuel costs. 'Descaling the toilet pipes on planes', thus making them lighter, won’t send consumers flocking to buy B.A. plane tickets, but it will reduce B.A.’s operating costs, thus allowing it to drop its ticket prices. In addition, the idea “not only reduced costs. it also improved the performance of the toilets," stated British Airways’ manager Beatrice Kamanga.

BA leadership praises employees’ creativity

Leadership at the airline were quick to praise staff, with Jonathon Counsell, Head of Environment at BA saying "This really has been a team effort. It goes to show that small changes here and there can add up to significant savings."

Over 200 quality suggestions submitted

Other clever suggestions out of the 200 submitted by staff to the suggestion scheme, included replacing glass wine bottles with plastic bottles, washing/cleaning the engines more regularly, switching to lighter catering trolleys and cargo containers and the introduction of lighter cutlery.


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