Employee Feedback Tools - 3 practical tools

by Patrick

It is critical that there is a good dialogue between workers and managers. Without that dialogue, it is easy for managers and workers to suffer from poor communication and strained relationships. What are some tools that managers can use to help employees leave feedback and feel as if they can take ownership of their work?

1) Use Employee Feedback Surveys
An employee survey is one of the best employee feedback tools that your organization can use to keep everyone on the same page. If a new policy is failing, if employees don't feel like management is listening or there is something unknown going on at the employee level, a survey is a great way for employees to give feedback in an anonymous manner.

2) Aggregate Comments into One Report
Taking each comment or note left on a report or comments made by employees to managers during the week can be helpful when trying to determine any larger issues within the company. While one note or comment may not seem like a big deal at the time, it could be part of a larger trend. By using software that can aggregate all communications into one weekly report, a manager can then make changes or send recommendations on to his or her boss.

3) Take Leadership Assessment Tests
One way that managers can see how they are viewed as a leader is to take a management leadership test. This test can show a manager where he or she is doing a good job and where he or she could make adjustments to do an even better job. This is a great use of tools for employee feedback to help a manager grow if he or she is new to the job.

For a busy manager, it may be tough to step back and take a look at the bigger picture every so often. Therefore, using tools and software gives employees and managers an opportunity to assess themselves and give everyone the chance to see where they stand. Such tests can be used to gain 360 degree feedback, which can be useful in a large company or in a smaller business where the CEO may play a larger role in hiring and developing employees. There are several online testing providers including Assess.

Making sure that staff feedback tools are used to ensure that your people are heard is an important aspect to a quality organization. If you are not listening to what your people have to say, it could have a negative impact on morale and cost your business money. Therefore, take the time to hear your people out and reap the benefits of happy and loyal workers.

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