The Good, the Bad and the Funny - Issue #9

by Duncan

This week's newsletter is about perks and how important they are for employees. Did you know that Google celebrated its 18th birthday this week? Check out the employee recognition programs and discover why it's so fun to work for this company.
And if you think you have enough work experience to satisfy the needs of nowadays recruiters, think again. See the expectations vs. reality in our "Funny" section...

The Good.....

Employee Recognition Programs at Google - Going Beyond the Perks
Google aims to create an office for work and play, but also treats employees well, and the company in return gets employees that are motivated and loyal.

Setting a New Standard for Employee Perks
More and more workers want perks over bonuses. See what companies deliver on this desire.

The Bad.....

Haskell University faculty complain of nepotism by the school's top official
Members of the Haskell University community are leveling accusations of nepotism at the school’s top official, but the federal agency that oversees Haskell says it is complying with federal law and guidance.

Workers in Windsor complain bus fumes leave them 'nauseous'
Workers at a garage in Windsor have claimed they being left ‘nauseous’ after engines are left running at a nearby coach park in Alma Road.

and the Funny....

When employers want you to have 10 years of work experience before the age of 22
Do you think you have enough work experience? Better check again...

Kristen Bell mocks the gender pay gap in hilarious short film
Kristen Bell has a modest proposal for businesses looking to cut costs in Pinksourcing, a new short film satirizing the wage gap between men and women in the United States.

"We wanted an online suggestion box that's easy to run and Vetter fits the bill"

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