The Good, the Bad and the Funny - Issue #11

by Duncan

This week's newsletter brings some of the best perks seen from the eyes of the employees. You'll discover what makes work valuable and how some advantages can turn a job into your second home.
Unfortunately, life is not that great for everybody. Some employees need to face excessive overtime and harmful uniforms. You'll be surprised to see which companies are responsible for inadequate treatment.

The Good.....

The 20 Best Employee Perks From Google, Facebook, and Other Giants
Here are the top-rated benefits, from improv classes to 'yay days.' See which perk received the highest rating.

These 3 employees tell us why working at Social Kinnect is fun and valuable
Discover the story of a content writer who went from client servicing to account management. See how this change helped him learn new things and become better and better.

The Bad.....

Jim Beam Workers Strike Over Excess Overtime, Bourbon Demand
America's renewed taste for Kentucky bourbon has led to improper working conditions for Jim Beam workers, employees claim.

Airline Union: New Uniforms Cause Hives, Headaches With Employees
A union representing American flight attendants said that new uniforms have caused over 500 members to complain about hives, headaches and other abnormalities.

and the Funny....

Dandelion Time on Twitter: Good luck to all our indoor rowers starting their challenge today
Roll, roll, roll your boat...

7 Desk Toys to Make Work a Little More Fun
We aren’t the kind of people to say that being an adult is a bummer. If you’re doing it right, growing up actually kind of kicks ass.

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