The Good, the Bad and the Funny - Issue #12

by Duncan

This week’s newsletter reveals some of the best practices big companies implement to keep their employees happy. Whether we are talking about perks or a fun working environment, it’s easy to find your inspiration.

The Good.....

5 Unique Wellness Benefits From Leading Companies
As employee health and wellness continues to become an area of focus for employers across the world, leading companies are making unique and differentiating wellness perks a staple of their benefits package.

Unloved Walmart goes digital to keep its 2.3 million employees happy
Ray Malouf, recruitment marketing director at Walmart explained at Dreamforce how the retailer is teaming up with Salesforce in order to boost its HR experience for employees.

The Bad.....

M&S workers in Exeter complain after being 'forced' to work in fume-filled store
Shop workers at Marks and Spencer in Exeter have complained at being “forced” to work in a store polluted by fumes from the nearby fire. Dozens of staff members worked in the city’s flagship store during Saturday despite it being closed for the whole day.

Plant hire group Hewden collapses after Brexit warning | The Guardian
Unions fear hundreds of jobs are at risk after administrators were called into plant hire group Hewden, which has blamed uncertainty caused by Brexit for its financial predicament.

and the Funny....

The Facebook Office Has Hilarious Posters Describing Different Kinds Of Employees
The Facebook office at Menlo Park is home to a variety of employees. Software engineers, designers, UX developers and data scientists all work out of the large campus, and closely interact with one another. See how their position is described in this funny post.

"Daily Show" vet Kristen Schaal stars in quirky HR video advertisements
Comedian Kristen Schaal wears multiple hats (and outfits) in a series of funny videos for human resources service company Gusto.

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