Best IdeaWake alternative

by Steve

Vetter's simple suggestion box tool can be the IdeaWake alternative you are looking for. Ideawake is arguably a great solution for companies looking to better gather, evaluate, and implement high quality ideas on expense-savings, sales generation, and office improvements from their employees and other parties.

3 great big reasons that Vetter is the best IdeaWake alternative:

  1. Complexity and option overload: IdeaWake has more features than Vetter. There is no getting around that. However we feel that too many options and buttons and settings and features bamboozle both Admins and Users. See the screenshots below as a quick comparison.

  2. IdeaWake interface seems cluttered

  3. Focus on innovation and big big ideas: We at Vetter believe all ideas are welcome. We’ve seen accounts and users start off with very small ideas and graduate to submitting more ‘medium’ size ideas. These add up to a big difference. In contrast, IdeaWake seems focused on Big ideas (see screenshot below).

  4. Idea Wake focus on big ideas

  5. What about workers who are not at a desk? Vetter’s QR code solution connects management with frontline workers in a way platforms such as IdeaWake and Microsoft Teams cannot do.

  6. Vetter qr code solution

IdeaWake highlights

  • Gather suggestions from your group or whole organization and collaborate on the next steps.

  • Use workers information to effetively surface the smartest thoughts and gather information expected to evaluate the pro/cons.

  • Leaders can focus on specific business arease that need improvement with Challenges (Vetter has those too)

"We wanted an online suggestion box that's easy to run and Vetter fits the bill"

Heather Saunders; ECITB Product Dev. Platform Manager

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