Best SuggestionOx alternative = Vetter

by Patrick

Vetter is an ideas-focused, cost-effective alternative to SuggestionOx.

What is SuggestionOx?
SuggestionOx is a customer feedback platform that enables businesses to collect, manage, and analyze customer feedback. It allows customers to quickly and easily provide feedback on products, services, and experiences. The platform allows companies to group and classify customer feedback, monitor customer sentiment, and identify opportunities for improvement. SuggestionOx also provides customizable reports and visualizations to help businesses identify trends and prioritize customer feedback.

3 great big reasons that Vetter is the best SuggestionOx alternative:

  1. Vetter is focused on suggestions and feedback, SuggestionOx is not: SuggestionOx has features the that enable 1) Sexual Harassment Reporting, 2) Whistleblowing, 3) Compliance, 4) Problem reporting. Vetter has none of these features as we are firmly focused on suggestions and employee-feedback. Maybe the features SuggestionOx has meet your needs or maybe not!

  2. SuggestionOx Sexual Harassment page

  3. Pricing and value: In late 2022 SuggestionOx's pricing rocketed past Vetter's pricing. We know that value is what's improtant but realize that in this turbulent economic environment pricing does matter. Request a quote today to see the value that we offer.

    SuggestionOx pricing

  4. Vetter is not tied to office-workers only Vetterโ€™s QR code solution links management with "deskless" workers in a way platforms such as SuggestionOx, Microsoft Teams and others just cannot do. Find out more on our QR code solution page.

  5. Vetter qr code solution

SuggestionOx highlights

1. Fast DIY Setup: SuggestionOx offers an easy setup process to quickly get your feedback platform up and running.

2. Customizable Forms: You can customize forms to collect feedback from your customers, including custom fields and questions.

3. Feedback Moderation: Manage feedback with moderation tools and filters to ensure only the most relevant feedback is collected.

4. Reporting and Analytics: Track customer feedback over time with reporting and analytics tools to gain insights into customer sentiment.

5. Integration: SuggestionOx integrates with popular customer service and support platforms, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and more.

6. Security: SuggestionOx offers secure cloud hosting with Enterprise-grade encryption and multi-factor authentication. Sidenote - unlike Vetter, SuggestionOx does not offer EU-hosting.

"We wanted an online suggestion box that's easy to run and Vetter fits the bill"

Heather Saunders; ECITB Product Dev. Platform Manager

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