Collect ideas with Vetter's Idea Challenges

by Steve

Collecting ideas either of a specific type (eg. office party ideas) or in a broad area (eg. cost-savings ideas) is simple with Vetter's Idea Challenges.

To launch a challenge, a manager (or anyone who is an account admin) fills in a 'Title', 'Description', and if they like, a Prize for the best idea. After that you just set the time-frame for the Idea Challenge and then an email is sent out to all users announcing the Challenge. Vetter will then begin to collect ideas by the bucket-load. At the end of the time-frame, the winner is automatically announce. All ideas are tagged to the Challenge, making sorting and organizing later easy.

"We wanted an online suggestion box that's easy to run and Vetter fits the bill"

Healther Saunders; ECITB Product Dev. Manager

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