How to discourage new ideas and suggestions at work

by Duncan

Some sage advice here from innovation guru Paul Sloane about how to discourage new ideas and suggestion and crush creativity in the workplace:

1. Criticize - point out weaknesses and flaws with new ideas
2. Ban Brainstorms
3. Hoard Problems - don't involve staff on serious issues, big picture problems
4. Overwork - establish a 'burn the midnight oil culture' and everyone will be too tired to think!
5. Adhere to the plan - be inflexible, a budget is a budget, so we can't spend an un-budgeted $500 to save $50,000
6. Punish mistakes - If someone tries something new and fails, they must be punished!
7. Don't look outside - Just focus on your own industry.. i.e. if you focus on Gage R&R Problems, just stick to that
8. Don't waste money on training - talent is born, not learned


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Healther Saunders; ECITB Product Dev. Manager

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