5 proactive Employee Involvement Techniques

by Duncan

If there’s one thing every business manager knows, it’s that an engaged, proactive employee is a happy employee. Being proactive in the workplace requires a high level of enthusiasm and engagement, and that kind of attitude always affects productivity in a positive way. It also brings on feelings of satisfaction in the employee, and that in turn leads to success and stability in the office. 

Sounds like a win-win proposition, doesn’t it? How can a company help to inspire employees to greater involvement and productivity though? Let’s take a look at a few employee involvement techniques that may greatly inspire employees to become more involved and engaged at the workplace, and thus become happier and more productive workers.

1. Engage Employees with Creativity and Team-Building Workshops.

Team building is a new idea in the workplace, but unofficially, it’s been around forever. Team building techniques basically are employee involvement techniques that enhance trust between employees and help them bond together so they can serve the company, and each other, more effectively. 

Team building can be a group activity like a bowling party with a competition to see which team earns more for a favorite charity. It can also be a weekly “bull session” that brings the team together to do improvisational games and talk about real issues at work. Anything that offers a safe and supportive environment for employees to be together will work. These are employee engagement techniques that really work to strengthen the group as a whole, as well as the employee as an individual.   

2. Create a Company Mission Statement That Lets Employees Be Proud of Their Job.

Some companies exist solely to make money. Others make money while also fulfilling a mission, whether it’s to give extra profits to a charity or simply to be a place founded on the idea that everyone should be treated with respect and trust. Make the mission clear and employees will be proud and engaged.

3. Survey Employees and Listen to Their Feedback.

Everyone wants to feel respected and heard. Putting out a survey that honestly takes in the employees’ views on their job, and then responding by making constructive changes are great employee engagement techniques.

4. Bring on The Perks.

Employees know they have to show up every day and get the job done. Building in extra perks (like free donuts every Friday, or a weekly visit by an office masseuse to soothe sore shoulders) for employees who work hard and put in an extra effort is a move that is highly motivational and goes a long way towards building loyalty.

5. Create a Creative, Welcoming Environment.

Gone are the days when every worker had to be isolated inside a cubicle. Embrace openness in the office and be creative with it. Having a sofa and floor pillow lounge area for breaks is much more welcoming than simply having a cold kitchen “break room” and employees will respond with a much more engaged attitude.

These simple employee involvement techniques can go a long way towards keeping employees happy and above all loyal to their co-workers and to their job. Remember, an engaged employee is one who will work harder and stay with a company longer, so go ahead and get creative about it! 

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