10+ Continuous Improvement Case Studies ranked and reviewed

by Patrick

Continuous improvement is an approach to process improvement that focuses on the gradual and consistent improvement of product and process outcomes. It is implemented by identifying and analyzing areas for improvement and then making changes that result in increased efficiency, reduced wastage, and improved quality. With continuous improvement, businesses can lower their costs and increase their profits while providing better customer service.

Case studies are a great way to gain insight into a particular issue or industry, as they provide an in-depth analysis of a particular case or situation. This list of ranked and reviewed case studies offers an unbiased look at a variety of different scenarios and can help you get to the root of a problem. Each case study is thoroughly evaluated, so you can be sure to get a comprehensive look at the facts and make informed decisions based on the evidence provided.

Before jumping into the ranking, we have to plug our own Case Study: Continuous Improvement In A Time Of Change Brings Huge RoI. Click through to learn about the amazing $300,000+ in savings that were logged as a results of just a handful of cost-saving ideas.

One more thing to note - we have not included case studies that are guarded by a 'plug in your email address to get the case study' popup. We've also not included academic publications.

Rank 1: Continuous improvement in efficiency of antibiotic production

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This (somewhat technically advanced) case study looks at "how production process redesign, implementing a rotary pressure filter, can improve yield". It was carried out by "BHS-Sonthofen is an owner-operated group of companies in the field of machinery and plant engineering based in Germany".

The project kicked off with an analysis of the entire production process. Team members worked to rapidly find ways to streamline and increase efficient in production.

Some elements seem a little 'obvious' to us " the project team determines that greater output can be achieved either by installing a second production line". That said - the results are impressive "increased production to the order of 150%, while incurring only a fraction of the investment costs of the previous manufacturing process".

"An analysis of the entire production process is performed to streamline and increase efficiencies in production as quickly as possible.."

Rank 2: Howard Bank - Business Process Improvement Case Study

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Howard bank

Fiserv describs itself as a "global fintech and payments company with solutions for banking, global commerce, merchant acquiring, billing and payments, and point-of-sale." Fiserv's case studies covers Howard Bank (Located in the Baltimore, USA regino) which wanted to "Howard Bank wanted more time to connect with its customers during the account opening process. " We at Vetter like how specific this goal is.

The results are pretty impressive with the account-opening time cut from a crazy 90 minutes to 20 minutes. I wonder could they have gotten it down to 15 or even 10 minutes with a little bit more input from staff members (this is not mentioned in the case study).

"Our strategy is to deliver outstanding service by having meaningful conversations with our customers, and we didn’t have the time to do that with our existing account opening process."

Rank 3: Multi-million Euro savings for a European manufacturer.

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Consultancy firm Gobeyond's case study covers a European CI project. The study is low on detail with our key takeaway being the value of a pilot program "The two pilots lasted for 4 months, and successfully demonstrated the power of combining the correct team, problem solving methods and management commitment to deliver a demonstrable process improvement to key plant metrics. One single project in Belgium delivered savings of over 200k euros/annum with very little capital investment."

"There was also a strong emphasis on capturing and sharing the best practice that was learnt throughout the projects. ."

"We wanted an online suggestion box that's easy to run and Vetter fits the bill"

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